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 1)Who will be the Captain of our Houseboat on the cruise?

 2)Will we get a training cruise?

 3) If we arrive in Adelaide by air, bus or train how can we get to Mannum?

 4) How far in advance do I have to make the booking?

 5) Can we pay for our holiday by credit card?

 6)What will be the fuel cost to run our holiday houseboat?

 7)What will we need to bring along with us on the cruise?

 8) How far can we go on our holiday?

 9) Will we have to refuel while we are away?

 10) What fish will we be able to catch?

 11)Can we swim in the river?


 (1A) You will be the Captain of your 'own' AURORA HOUSEBOAT, but we don't just put you on her and expect you to just 'take her away'.



 (2A) Yes, we give all of our guests a training cruise. You will be taken to a nearby beach to practice parking your houseboat on the beach. After you have done that successfully we will teach you how to safely leave the beach, and all of the necessary river etiquette like how to pass the cross river ferries you will come across on your cruise.



 (3A) We will be happy to arrange a package for your Astra Nova holiday cruise including transfers from Adelaide to Mannum and return to your accommodation or to your point of departure in Adelaide.



 (4A) Houseboats are booked well in advance. To ensure you get the cruise dates you want, try to make your booking at least three months in advance. For holidays at Christmas and Easter you will need to get in even earlier.
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 (5A) Yes, we accept Visa card and MasterCard  


 (6A) ASTRA NOVA is powered by two economical MerCruiser diesel engines. Fuel for these will be about $11 per hour.



 (7A) All you need to bring is food, drinks and personal items. Everything else is provided for your holiday, so just come on board and enjoy yourself.



 (8A) Your houseboat will cruise along comfortably at about 6-10 km/hour and you will probably find traveling for about 5 to 6 hours a day will be easy going. There are distance markers along the bank to keep you located. You will be able to follow your trip in the 'Murray River Pilot' book which is on board for your information.



 (9A) Your Astra Nova houseboat will be fueled up with enough fuel for more than 10 days travel so you won't need to re-fuel.



 (10A) With a bit of luck you may land a prized Murray Cod, or a very tasty Collop for supper.



 (11A) Yes the Murray River is perfectly safe to swim in.




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